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Real Estates We Provide Appraisal Services

Appraisal services for real estates:
Plot and land, mine, sand and stone quarries, mine sites, real estate being used to domicile like building complex, building, villa, flat, detached house, vineyard house, farm house; building, office, bureau, gas station, store, shop, commercial or industrial real estate as storage areas, holiday village, hotel, motel, apart hotel, rest area, resting areas as pension, organized industrial area, integrated production facilities, factory, mill, atelier, agricultural managements, real estate as agricultural land, collective housing, university campus, hospitals, airports, harbours, special projects as logistic sites.

Appraisal services for Rights and Benefits Due to Real Estate:
Decretive of rental property and appraisal of leasehold property, appraisal of source, surface rights, machine and capital asset, machine and equipment for industrial use, cement facilities, refinery, chemical process and units, generating station, ships, fleet of vehicles.

Appraisal services for Intangible Assets:
Appraisal of intangible Assets as royalty, value of trademark, tenancy, license and betterment which are directly affecting real assets and values of the Company. Determination and etude of effects increasing the value of the intangible assets, which are subjected real estate.

Real Estate Appraisal services Within the Scope of CML legislation:
Real estate appraisal works defined in Article 38/A of the Capital Markets Law, appraisal of security, which is defined as "expectancy value of the real estate, which is security of any receivables due to housing finance, on a specific date" defined in the same article's first subclause.

Related with Real Estate Investment Trusts;
Purchase or sales of the real estates, rights and projects based on the real estate in the portfolio, renting the real estates in the portfolio, determination of the rented real estates, renewal or extention of the rent agreements of the rented real estates in the portfolio, acceptance of mortgage, fixation of the completeness and rightness necessary documents and the legal procedure is applied to commence the projects based on the real estate, end-year appraisal of the assets which exist in the partnership portfolio but not have appraised in the year with any reason, appraisal of the real estates to be invested as a real capital to the partnership.

Related to Publicly-Traded Companies;
Appraisal of real estate for sales and purchase exceeding 5% of the paid capital of the companies and putting up its own real estate to another company as real capital and appraisal of real estate for mandatory transactions.

Investment Consulting:
Development of business plan, area analyses, market analyses, competition analyses, investment convenience analyses, process analyses, operation analyses, system analyses, resource analyses, concept improvement, strategy improvement, technology election, financial planning, risk security studies, feasibilities, incentives, project designing, implementation, system organizing, resource improvement, planning, training, research-development studies, product and production improvement, market improvement, establishing production lines, machine-equipment researches, offer, negotiation, asset-purchase transactions, trial production, certification transactions.

Urban Regeneration and Transformation Consulting:
Planning, application, system organizing, resource improvement, organizing, training, research and developments studies, product and production development, market development, installing production lines, offer, bargain and purchase transactions for machine-equipment researches, trial production, certification transactions.